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Introducing Thai Massage!
Jennifer McLeish-Lewis is a certified Traditional Thai Yoga Massage practitioner as well as a Oil Relaxation table massage practitioner. She is a professional contemporary dancer with over twenty years of dance training, which has given her an energetic sensitivity and a visceral felt sense of the body. Intention, attention and grace are qualities she hopes to cultivate in all her body-based creative practices. Her bodywork is strong, deep and relaxing. 

Client Rewards PROGRAM
With age comes wisdom, and as we celebrate our 11th  birthday this September we have been reflecting on our wonderful clients and looking for ways to show our gratitude. After 11 years of business, we are always trying to find new and fabulous ways to thank our clients, and to give back to them as much as they give to us. We believe we have a great solution; as of September 1 st ,we will be launching a new Client Rewards Program! Our new Client Rewards Program is built on a point system, where clients earn points just by having regular services, purchasing their favourite products, or even by purchasing gifts for their friends and family! 

Referral program
With Kiyo's Referral Program, you can score amazing deals just by spreading the word about your favourite stylist! In addition, you can help your friend/neighbor/baker/dog walker save money off their first service at Kiyo. Sound intriguing?  Ask your stylist for more details or check out our upcoming newsletter for more information. 

Kiyo is embracing au naturel hair removal, and now you can too!
Threading is a unique form of hair removal that utilizes only a twisted cotton thread and a skilled pair of hands.
Having originated in India, threading is becoming increasingly popular in Western culture because of it's simplicity -- nothing is heated and no product is applied to the skin, which is ideal for those of us who are a little more sensitive.
Not as sensitive as you are expressive? Threading creates well-defined, perfectly arched eyebrows that will never fail to get your point across.
For more information or to make a threading appointment, please call 250-716-9916.


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